GreenScapes - Artist Statement

  • Greenscape Submittal 8 -  06.jpg

Devices that generate and use renewable energy - green devices - are growing on our landscape, and in our consciousness. Solar panels are sprouting on rooftops and in fields. Wind turbines are becoming a more common sight on the horizon. Bikes are multiplying on our streets.

Green energy devices are part of a new element in our aesthetic sense. We experience them as part of the world we live in now. Climate change is giving them ever-expanding bandwidth in our minds. The subject is growing in our awareness every day.

With “Greenscapes” I’m pondering how that new element - visual, mental, and emotional - is changing our perceptions. We give green energy our attention, and it affects how we perceive our world.

The work travels through different photographic styles and points-of-view with intention, as it explores the meaning of these new elements. As time goes on, their meaning in the world will grow and evolve. The project is ongoing, and will follow as the role of green energy expands.